Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nebraska Football

Nebraska Football

I see green grass and players in uniforms
The smell of meat cooking and popcorn
The sound of fans and pads popping
I can taste the popcorn and pop
I can feel the breeze going through my hands
This is Nebraska Football

Extended Metaphor Poem

Life is a enemy

It may knock you down
You are always trying to get through it

You never know what’s going to happen with it

Rhyming Poem


Once I get on the court
I can not wait for the sport
The feeling that I get
I have to make it in the net
Once I made the shot

Adrenaline is what I got

Found poem

This terri has ended thousands of lives
Our shattered nation will bring justice to America

Together we pray for all of the lost ones families

5 senses poem

It’s biting cold
It smells like burning logs
It looks like flour and glass
It sounds like a blizzard wind

It tastes like hot chocolate and cookies

Monday, December 1, 2014

Name Poem

It  means funny, cool, and athletic
It is the number 7
It is like hot
It is tubing down a river
It is the memory of my mom
Who taught me helping and honesty
When she asked for help with the groceries
My name is Aydan

It means to always and help and be honest

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Acrostic poem

Ball hard
Act cool
Super fun
Kick some butt
Be cool
Lots of fun
Lifetime of fun


Friday, November 14, 2014



      What is freedom? I’ll tell you what freedom is. Freedom is veterans day, our flag, and our freedom of speech. Its very important to America. 

   I’ll talk about Veterans Day first.  Veterans Day is a very important day to America. We celebrate our freedom we have because of our soldiers that have fought and that are fighting. We thank everyone that has served to make us free. If we didn't have those brave men and women,there wouldn't be any freedom for us. 

   Our flag is very important to our country. The stripes represent the thirteen original colonies and the 50 stars represent our country’s states. When you see the American flag you should feel a sigh of relief because our troops are fighting for it.

    Freedom of speech is very important to have because if you couldn't speak your mind, then it wouldn't be fair to you and others. When you have freedom of speech you can say whatever you want without getting killed or hurt because you get to speak your mind.
   These topics all mean freedom to me. They make me feel safe to know that I'm free. Everyone should always celebrate our freedom,the hardworking soldiers gave us.

OHS Ghost

OHS Ghost

     Have you heard about Jimmy the ghost at OHS? Well if you haven't you’re lucky. He will slam doors really hard while you’re in class and scream really loud. 

   Jimmy is a 14 year old that is in eighth grade. He has wacky red hair and always is wearing a tuxedo. Everyone is scared of him because of his red eyes and his height. He is 7 foot tall. His skin color is yellow because he loves to eat cheese. 

  Jimmy is a big pest. He likes to mess with peoples things like their homework. Onetime he changed a kids test answers and the kid got an F. He likes to disturb classes too. He’ll slam doors really hard and scream in the hallways with his annoying high pitched voice. 

  Most of the time Jimmy is chilling out in Mod 2 with Mrs.Morrow and Mrs.Nordby. If you happen to come to OHS and see Jimmy, you might want to go to a different school.


Hogwarts Halloween Feast

Today was the Hogwarts Halloween Feast and I was ready to party. As I walked in the hall it was filled with colorful lights and it raining Kool-Aid and thundering like crazy!

I came to the feast with my two friends Harry and Ron. As soon as they seen the food there they started to dig in.

There was all sorts of food there. There was steak, Jello, pumpkin pie, chicken and lots of bacon. We ate every single crumb of food at the feast that even a mouse couldn't eat anything.

Later we ate, we began dancing to the Monster Mash song. We played games like pool, darts, and bowling. After all that fun stuff the best part about the feast was when we got to play with Kevin Durant in a game of basketball. Harry, Ron, and I played against Kevin. After the game it was time to go home.

Friday, October 3, 2014


1) I learned that iMovie is hard to work with.
2)I learned that iMovie is fun.
3)I learned that its a great way to tell people about yourself.