Friday, February 20, 2015

College Essay

College Essay
By: Aydan

I was told that college is probably the most important thing I can go to in my life. It gives you opportunities you have never had before. Hopefully it will give me everything I need to know about what I want to do when I’m finished going to college.

I have two main goals that I want to achieve by going to college. I want to get my bachelor’s degree so I can go to law school and after that become a lawyer. If that doesn't go as planned, I want to be a college basketball player for the Nebraska Huskers. If I do good on a college team hopefully I can go to the NBA and play for a famous basketball team. 

College will help me so much with becoming a lawyer. You always have to study the law and what to do in the court room. I will learn things about law and being a lawyer that I never knew before. It’s a great way to learn about the law and how it works in our society. I want to become a Civil Rights Lawyer. I would like this profession because I can help people that don’t get the rights they have. I really like helping people that are not being treated equally with everyone else. My other goal was being a basketball player for the Nebraska Huskers. My college could help me learn how to do different plays on the court and give me more discipline. It could always make me a better basketball player too and work better with people.

Overall I think my main goal is to become a lawyer. I never really thought I would want to be one but something hit me about helping people and it made me want to become one. It seems like a lot of work to become one so I think that would push my limits all the way if I could be one. It is a very good paying job. I want someone to look up to me someday and want to do the same thing I want to do now.